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CPG & CBD University Podcast

The CPG & CBD University Podcast, produced by Global Widget, LLC, is intended for audiences who are interested in learning more about CBD, health and wellness products. Each podcast episode will examine the burgeoning industry, including the latest news and trends, information around the sourcing, manufacturing, testing and distribution of CBD, health and wellness products, and any new product details from Global Widget’s in-house and private label brands.

Sep 25, 2020

In a follow up to Episode 35, we continue our series looking at an industry-leading study customers from our brands, Hemp Bombs and Nature’s Script, are taking part in looking at the effects CBD has on liver health. Patrick McCarthy, CEO of ValidCare, the company behind the study, discusses the objectives of the study, how consumers were chosen to take part, what the objectives of the study are and how the CBD brands taking part are providing critical information that will be used to send data to the FDA following the study.